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What do you take with you when you’re taking off?

The hardest part about a vacation is coming back to reality afterwards. Something else that’s difficult is deciding what to take with you. I have a digital family … we don’t go “off the grid” even when we’re going on holiday, and with the plethora of electronics we have at home, taking everything just isn’t practical. Even on vacation you’ll have “down-time”; in the airport, on the plane, at night when everyone is winding down … so what do you take with you when you’re taking off? Here’s what we took …

The Kids:

Only two of our three sons joined us on our trip this year, so the consideration was what they will do while we’re in the airport, on the plane, and possibly when they have any down time. So they took their two favorite things; their Nintendo DS XL’s and their Fuhu Nabi 2’s.

The Wife:

My wife made sure all her bases were covered. Her carry-on consisted of her Canon PowerShot, her Apple iPod Touch, her Samsung Galaxy S3 and her Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with a keyboard case.

The Husband:

I traveled light. Well, light for me. My Samsung Galaxy S3, my Apple iPod Touch, my Nexus 7 tablet and my Kindle. Yes … I said Kindle. Why a tablet AND an e-reader? Simple … the Kindle has an e-ink display, which gives me excellent battery life and the ability to read in direct sunlight when relaxing on the beach.

Extras and things to consider:

Power cords for everything you have that beeps. Make sure you have them with you. If you have an extra charger for your phone, take it too just in case. And if it’s in a different country, you may want to make sure you won’t need any type of adapter.

And speaking of phones, did you check to make sure yours will work where you’re going? What about any roaming charges on data? You don’t want a $400 cell phone bill because your smartphone kept pulling down your Facebook updates. Call the carrier and see what rates apply, if you can get some type of international plan (if you need one), etc. Otherwise, kill the data on your phone (it should have that option in the menu) or put it in airplane mode and LEAVE it there. Or turn the bloody thing off. You are on vacation, after all.

The place you’re going … does it offer Internet? Is it Wi-Fi? Is it free? Find out. Where we stayed offered Wi-Fi, but only one device per person was able to use it.

Running out of power on the road sucks. I hate being out and the thing I’m using needs to be recharged. We solved the problem by purchasing two Powerbags. Portable power … gotta love it!

Of course, there are those who would argue that the point of being on vacation is getting away from it all. Sure, a few magazines, some coloring books for the kids, some playing cards and a Sudoku book would work as well, and don’t require batteries. Plenty of people go that route. They don’t live in THIS house, though ;). Again … I live in a digital home. We embrace technology, even when we’re getting away from it all. If you’re like us, set aside some time while planning on what clothes to take to make sure your gadgets will work as needed where you’re going …

Talk to you soon!

Freddy C.

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