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The first salvo in the Next-Gen Console Wars goes to Sony


Unless you’ve been away from any type of media over the last couple of weeks, you’re aware that on November 15th Sony launched its next-generation console, the PS4. Considering over a 24 hour time span they’ve sold over a million units, I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s looking like a big hit. Which is good for Sony considering their main competition, the Microsoft Xbox One, is due to launch one week later on November 22nd. So I’ve decided to play a little devil’s advocate and list just a few of the reasons you (or whoever in your home is OK with spending $400 on a video game system) you may want to consider Sony over its Microsoft rival. Don’t worry … I’ll do the same for the Xbox One when it launches. We promote being gadget agnostic in THIS house, and both systems have their pluses and minuses. There are also a few reasons not to get either system right now, but I’ll save that for later …

1) Like I said, its $400. The Xbox One is going to launch $100 over its competition.

2) The tech is comparable. Actually, I’ve read some sites that claim the PS4’s GPU processing is actually a tad faster than the Xbox One.

3) Sony has a longer list of upcoming games exclusive to the PlayStation 4. Oh,  and speaking of games …

4) A lot of the more popular games aren’t going to be exclusive to one console. Sports games like Madden and the NBA 2K series, and first-person shooters like Modern Warfare will be available for both.  So that extra $100 is another strike against the Xbox if you favor these games more so than their exclusives.

5) The PS4’s controller is MUCH better than the PS3’s, so if you’re looking at your PS3 controller and saying “Never Again”, don’t worry … they fixed it.

6) The camera is optional. Microsoft is pairing the Xbox One with an updated Kinect sensor. Probably why it’s $100 more.

7) There is a synergy that exists between the PS4 and the PS Vita. You don’t have a Vita? Maybe after reading this you may change your mind. Scroll down to “Remote Play” on the site.

8) There’s also a PlayStation app that you can download on your tablet so that it can serve as a second screen.

I don’t own a PS4 (yet), but I have played it and it’s a worthy successor to the PS3. It even fixed a few things that, in my opinion, the PS3 got wrong (like, you know, that controller). Find your closest friendly neighborhood GameStop, Target or Best Buy and take it for a spin. It’s definitely on my future purchase list.

And yes, I already have a Vita. I plan ahead =)

Talk to you soon!

Freddy C.

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