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Tablet Invasion 2013


My mother turned 70 this year, so for this milestone my siblings and I decided it was time for her to get a tablet. She’s the PERFECT use case for a tablet; she pretty much uses her computer for email, games and chatting, so enabling her to be somewhat mobile (instead of stuck in a chair) made the sense. What doesn’t make sense is the number of tablets out there. I mean there is a LOT of them, and there are some that, quite honestly, you shouldn’t look twice at. Seriously, a brand new Android tablet at your local mom and pop store for $50 is something I need you to just walk away from. So what should you look at? I’ll give you 5 examples, starting from the least expensive. These are Wi-Fi only tablets, but some of them you can get at your choice of cellular provider with cellular capabilities.

Kindle Fire HD – My first small tablet was the first Kindle Fire, and I loved it. They’ve updated it with a higher resolution screen and a faster processor, and kept it at a ridiculously low price – $139. The only downside is that it’s locked into the Amazon ecosystem, but that isn’t a bad thing at all considering Amazons HUGE library of apps, music, books and movies.

Kindle Fire HDX – The Kindle Fire HD on steroids. Better screen, better processor, front camera, a “Mayday” button for real-time help. It’s everything the Kindle Fire HD is and then some. Great buy for $229. I’ll also mention that there are larger HD and HDX tablets (8.9 inches) for $269 and $379, respectively.

Nexus 7 (2013) – This is my tablet of choice. One, because I’m an Android user primarily. Two, it has a 7 inch screen that’s hi-rez and is REALLY good, so it’s super light and portable. Three, the 16 GB is $229. Look around and you may catch a sale on it. Great tablet for a great price.

iPad Mini – I don’t have to tell you about this one, but I will tell you that you now have two to choose from; the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini with Retina. The difference? Well, the iPad Mini with Retina has a higher resolution display than the regular Mini, a faster processor and longer battery life. It also has a higher price: the Mini with Retina is $399 for the 16 GB. The iPad Mini without Retina is $100 cheaper at $299. Is it worth the price difference? You’ll have to use them side by side to determine that. Higher resolution is nice, but not if you don’t notice the difference. Good thing the Apple Store lets you play with them both.

iPad Air – King of the hill at $499 for the 16 GB. You can still get the iPad 2 for $399, but the Air is lighter (hence the name), has smaller bezels so it’s easier to hold and it’s faster than the iPad 2. If these things don’t mean anything to you, the iPad 2 is still a great buy.

Honorable mention goes to Samsung and it’s plethora of tablets. That’s going to take a whole different post to go over its assortment of tablet sizes and their functions, along with their phones. I’ll save that for another day. We got time. Christmas is how many days away?

Talk to you soon!

Freddy C.


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