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So… wanna know what happened in the gadget world this week?

motorola-logo-a-google-companyGoogle sold Motorola

Did you know that a couple of years ago, Google bought Motorola? I guess if you didn’t it doesn’t matter, because the company they purchased for over $12 billion they sold to Lenovo for $2.9 billion. Lenovo wants to expand into the mobile business. The good news is that they’re saying that they don’t plan on derailing the Motorola X movement for the moment. What’s a Motorola X? It’s a phone. The fact that you may not have known that could be one of the reasons Google sold it. It didn’t seem to hurt them that much, though … despite reporting an operating loss of $384 million due to Moto, they had pretty good earnings last quarter, and their stock is sitting at 1180.97 at the moment.


You sitting down? Apple had a record quarter over the holiday season. Yeah … I know … surprised, right? In that 3 month time span, Apple sold 51 million (yes, MILLION) iPhones, 26 million iPads and 4.8 million Macs. In a quarter. Apple’s stock is as of this moment at 500.60. Back in 2002, you could buy Apple’s stock for around $7 a share. When you find a time machine, let me know.

And since it’s a new year that means there will be new iPhones. So naturally the rumor machine is going strong. The one’s I’m thinking may hold water is that the iPhone 6 will be larger, will have a screen that’s really, really scratch and shatter resistant, and that there may actually be two iPhone’s instead of one. Also, the iWatch (I’m sure that’s what they’ll be calling it) rumor mill is gearing up. I’m hearing that it will be heavily geared towards fitness with pedometers and all kinds of sensors, which I’m sure won’t make Nike happy considering they went all in with Apple because the Fuel Band software is iPhone only. We have a while before there are any announcements, so as I get them (and they aren’t utterly ridiculous) I’ll be sure to share them.


It’s being rumored that Amazon is going to create a set top box to hook up to your television that will play games and movies. If you have a Kindle Fire, you know that you can buy Android games from Amazon to play. And if you’re a Prime member, you know that you can watch movies provided by Amazon for free (it’s part of your Prime membership). And if you don’t have either, you’re wondering why anyone would want this. Well … I have (had) both, and I’m kind of wondering the same thing. I have more than enough things that can stream Amazon Prime stuff, and honestly, I have no interest in playing Angry Birds or Candy Crush on my television. But that’s just me … your mileage may vary.

yahoo-emailYahoo passwords hacked

Another day, another security violation. Yahoo is stating that an estimated 273 million of their customers usernames and passwords have been stolen. Yahoo is contacting the users that they believe were affected, but my advice is if you have a Yahoo mail account and that password is shared with other sites, change them. All of them. Right now.



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