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So… wanna know some of what happened in the gadget world this week?

download Microsoft appointed a new CEO

First there was Bill Gates, then Steve Ballmer, and now … Satya Nadella. I know what you’re thinking, and I’ll just go ahead and answer the “Who?” question: previously, he was the executive vice-president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group, and was responsible for building and running the company’s computing platforms, developer tools and cloud-based services. He’s actually been at Microsoft for 20 years, so he isn’t just some Joe Schmo off the street, but from what I’m seeing his focus seems to have been more on business than personal, so it will be interesting to see what he does with things like Xbox and Microsoft’s phone initiatives.


140204-samsung-unpacked-5-mwc-2014Samsung is having an “Unpacked” event this month

So there’s this event called Mobile World Congress that takes place usually around late February where different companies launch or just present their mobile devices. Samsung, being Samsung, is having an event BEFORE MWC on February 24th, and there’s a REALLY good chance that they’re going to be announcing their next Galaxy phone, the Galaxy S5. And surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of dependable info about what this phone is going to look or be like. Of course it’s going to be faster than the S4, and the camera will probably have a new trick or two, but the rumor mill is all over the place as far as anything else. We’re talking from two different phones launching to the display being super high resolution. One interesting tidbit is that Google has had a conversation with Samsung regarding all the stuff they put on their phones to differentiate them from other Android phones, and Samsung has claimed that they’ll be scaling it back. We’ll see … they used a HUGE portion of the GS4’s available memory for bells and whistles that most people don’t even use or don’t work very well.


SONY_VAIO_VPCZ119FJ-S_02Sony pulling out of the PC business?

Sony has reportedly sold off its laptop division. What I will say about the Sony VAIO line of laptops is that they were very nice machines, aesthetically, and they had nice specs. The problem was that they were expensive, way more expensive than their competitors, and they often loaded the machines with applications and demos that people didn’t use and bogged the machines down. So Sony sold off their laptop line to an investment fund, Japan Industrial Partners. They are also reportedly splitting off its television division into a separate unit, and I’ve read that they’re also killing off their e-readers. It’s hard out there for PC manufacturers; people are using cellphones and tablets more and more frequently for their Internet and light business use like checking and responding to email. It’ll be interesting to see what the landscape is going to look like in 10 years.

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