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Ready for the “Next Level” of Gaming?

If you’re wondering why all of a sudden your geeky pre-teen or teenager is being extra nice or extra responsible, I may have an answer for you …

Last week the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, kicked off in Los Angeles, California. What is E3? Think of it as a video game trade show. It’s where the companies that make games and accessories get together and show off their wares. So naturally Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo were there showing off what’s next in the world of gaming and electronic entertainment. And boy, did they show. Want to know what your kids are going to be begging you for this holiday season?


First, we have the new Microsoft Xbox, the Xbox One. It’s going to run you $499, and for that $499 you get a controller, the Xbox One, and a newer and more advanced Kinect Sensor for games that utilize motion. The Xbox One is more than a game system; Microsoft included some very slick home entertainment integration with your cable or satellite box, and it has a BluRay drive now. But you’re going to need to have an Internet connection for more than just playing games online and watching movies; according to Microsoft, the Xbox One will need to “call home” to the Microsoft servers every 24 hours. Also, this one isn’t backwards compatible, meaning that your Xbox 360 games will not play on the Xbox One. Along with that, there are questions on how the buying and selling of used games will be handled. The rumor at the moment is that the games will need to be sold through an authorized reseller (think GameStop), and that you won’t be able to sell the game until 30 days after purchase, and they can only be sold once. We’ll know more as the launch gets closer this holiday season. Games will still cost what they cost now, which is around $59.


Sony announced the PlayStation 4, which is going to run you $399 this holiday season. For that $399, you get the PS4 and a controller and it keeps the BluRay drive that the PS3 has. It’s also able to stream movies from select online services like the Xbox One. The PS4 doesn’t *require* an Internet connection to call home like the Xbox One, but if you want to play online or stream movies you’re going to need it. The PS4 isn’t going to run your PS3 games, so no backwards compatibility here either. Sony isn’t going the used game restriction route like Microsoft, so that isn’t an issue here. Also, their motion sensor (called PS Move + Eye) is a separate purchase as opposed to it being included with the Xbox One. Games will be the same as they are for the PS3, which is … you guessed it … around $59.


Nintendo didn’t announce anything new as far as hardware; rather they announced new games for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo WiiU that will be coming up later this year and in 2014. Mario Cart 8, Super Smash Brothers, Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze should give you something to look forward to in the coming months.

As usual, click on the links to go to pages with more in-depth information. I’m excited about the new systems. My bank account won’t be, though. But hey … nobody said being a geek was cheap, did they?

Talk to you soon!

Freddy C.

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