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Pepcom Experience with Kwikset


I want you to picture this scenario … You’re working late, have a briefcase or bag full of stuff you need to look at when you get home, and finding your keys to get in your car is not something you have the energy to do. But having a newer car, you simply approach your vehicle and the key fob that it came with tells the car to unlock the doors, and with a simple push of a <Start> button, you’re on your way, silently thanking the car manufacturers for having the foresight to include keyless entry on your particular vehicle.

You get home in a rainstorm, but you’re not concerned because your attached garage also came with something created back in 1926, and because of the technology in your vehicle is now easily activated by one of the buttons overhead. You push the button to open your garage, and drive in. No muss, no fuss. You silently thank C.G. Johnson for his creation, and also impress yourself by remembering that C.G. Johnson is the person that actually created it.

You close the garage door, grab your things, and head towards the door leading to your home. You have no idea what bag or pocket your keys are in, and thanks to the engineers at Kwikset, you don’t need to. You walk to the door leading to your home, and touch your KEVO lock. A series of LED’s glow, and then you hear the sound of the lock sliding open. You fumble to turn the knob, and you’re in. You made it home … and you still have no idea what bag or pocket your keys are in.

Kwikset has been securing the homes of millions of families for over 60 years, and now they’re introducing into the market a lock that doesn’t require a physical key (you can still use one, of course). All it needs is either you having a key fob or an application running on your iPhone, and your finger to enter your home. I heard about KEVO last year, and was very excited about its potential. So when Kwikset invited me to join them at Pepcom and the Consumer Electronics Show and see it in action, I was counting the days until January 6th. At the Pepcom event, not only was I able to see KEVO but I got eyes-on with another product that will be released this summer, a Bluetooth Gateway that will enable homeowners to lock and unlock the KEVO unit remotely with using their smartphones. Kwikset listens and continues to innovate their products to meet their customers needs.


For the next few days I will be doing posts and tweets featuring Kwikset’s KEVO and some of the other products and technologies that they and their partners are working on. The home automation and security market is exploding, and companies like Kwikset are leading the charge with products like KEVO and the SmartCode Deadbolt. Stay tuned … you’re going to love this …

Talk to you soon!

Freddy C.


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