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My Social Network Conundrum …

I’m just going to just get this out of the way: I don’t enjoy using Facebook anymore. I feel like I’m in this weird Stockholm Syndrome-like relationship with this social network. They control what I can and cannot post, they control what it is that I see on MY timeline, and if I behave in a manner that they don’t feel is appropriate, they can put me in time-out.

… What in the entire hell …

And yet, I still use it. I go on it at least twice a day to see what’s going on with my family (because they ALL use it), my friends, old co-workers that I actually care enough about to want to know what’s going on with them … it’s AOL all over again. A lot of it is my own fault … I could just as easily, I don’t know, actually call or email these people to see what’s going on with them and their lives. But then I’d actually have to call them. I can’t tell you the last time I just called someone to see how they were doing. Calling seems so … intrusive. Sometimes a particular person calls you and you answer whether you feel like talking or not. So you just sit there, on the phone, doing that “Mmm hmm” to move the conversation along, praying something catches on fire or falls over to give you a legitimate reason to hang up.

Needless to say, I’m just not a phone person.

We use this overly social network that does interesting things like make it so that anyone can message you regardless if you’re connected or not (I can’t block this because why, exactly?), letting people call you through Facebook (again, why can’t I block this?), and the features that you CAN actually block you need to hunt through menus to find it. Still. Even after they claim to have made it easier to do. Not to mention rumored “scientific” studies like sabotaging the Android app to see if people stopped using Facebook all together or just switched to the browser to get to it. Spoiler alert: they just switched to the browser.

And yet, millions and millions of people use it. Every day. MULTIPLE times a day. Over a BILLION people log into Facebook daily. 300 million photos are uploaded every day. Despite rumors to the contrary, Facebook isn’t going the way of Myspace for a VERY long time. And because of that, because the vast majority of my own social network uses THIS social network, here I stay. Begrudgingly. Waiting for the day the “next” Facebook comes along and frees us all from our self-imposed social captivity. Some have tried (I’m looking at you Google+), and there are others on the horizon (Ello?), we’ll just have to wait and see who, if anyone, will eventually knock Facebook off of its throne …

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