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My Smartwatch Hypocrisy …

Hypocrisy is a tricky thing. For example, someone asks me if they should get a smartwatch. Depending on their logic behind wanting one, my answer is usually “no”. But when they point out that not only do I have on, but I wear it EVERY DAY, it puts me in a somewhat awkward position. I have to explain to them why they shouldn’t have one, yet I wear mine all the time.

Do as I say not as I do doesn’t work in this particular situation.

So, let’s just get this out in the open. Yes, I do have a smartwatch. Yes, I wear it every day. Yes, I love my watch. But NO, you should not buy one. Not yet. Let’s discuss …

  • I’m a geek. Of COURSE I have a smartwatch. I had a Casio Databank. I had a minidisc player. I had a MP3 player before people knew to care about MP3’s. You can’t go by “Well, if Freddy has it, it must be something to have” because as you can tell, Freddy gets a lot of stuff. Freddy has gadget issues.
  • Why do you want one? Seriously? Why do you want to spend $300+ dollars for something that is essentially an extension of the thing that you spent over $500 for, depending on the model of the phone? A LOT of things you’ll STILL have to pull the phone out to do, and the phone will do it way better.
  • Your friends having one does not justify your purchase. Stop it. You don’t have to have everything they have, and even if they have It and convince you that it’s the second coming of technology, that doesn’t mean you’re going to feel the same way about it once you spend the money on it and have to use it every day. Or at least when you remember to put it on.
  • Yes, smartwatches have fitness functionality. You know what else has fitness functionality? A fitness band. Get a Fitbit or a Garmin, something that is designed SPECIFICALLY for fitness if that’s what you’re into. Everything you own doesn’t have to have a fruit logo or a robot on it.
  • No, you won’t be less distracted. Instead of staring at your phone, you’re fiddling with a device strapped to your wrist. And depending on the device, you could be fiddling with it LONGER than you would if you just took your phone out of your pocket to get the same information. So yeah, you’re still being rude. Even more so because the person you’re with now think that you’re looking at your watch, checking the time constantly as if saying you have something better to get to.
  • They’re still a tad pricy. Some like the Pebble smartwatches aren’t as expensive, depending on the material and if you want a color screen or not. But the nicer Android Wear and Apple Watches are still tickling that $300+ mark unless you buy one used or an older model.

So … why do I have one? What do I use it for? 4 reasons: notifications, watch faces, it counts my steps (I won’t get a fitness tracker. I’m not that into it. For me it’s really a nice to have and not a necessity), and I like watches. But mostly, because of the first point listed above. Anyone that asks, I tell them to wait. Seriously. Smartwatches fall squarely in the “want” category; there’s NO reason that you NEED one of these things. One day maybe they’ll become more than just an extension of your smartphone, and they’ll be able to justify the price they’re asking for them. So if you just HAVE to have one, and you’re OK knowing that 12 months after you get it there will be a better one out, have at it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Buyers remorse sucks …

Freddy C.

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