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iPhone 6 rumors out the wazoo

iphone-6Once upon a time, no one knew what a new device was going to look like until it was actually announced. But with the popularity of all things Apple (and despite Apples claim of locking down leaks), every time a new iPhone is expected most of it is usually revealed in some way, shape or fashion months before Tim Cook can take the stage. This year is no exception. Here’s the problem: all leaks aren’t good leaks. A good percentage of them are fanboy renders by people with too much time on their hands. But some seem a bit more viable than others. So for those of you chomping at the bit for some news about the iPhone 6, after scanning the Interwebs I’ve gathered the ones that I *think* are more true than false.

First, I can almost guarantee that it’s going to be bigger than the iPhone 5/5s. The question has always been how much bigger. Knowing Apple, they aren’t going to make the drastic jump to something the size of Samsung’s Galaxy Note or LG’s G Flex. No, I don’t see them coming out the gate with a five and a half inch phone. I think the something along the lines of a 4.7 inch device is what we’re going to see with the next iPhone. It’s a “safe” size; larger than the 5’s, but not TOO big. There are also rumor of something to compete with the size of the Notes and other larger devices, but I don’t’ see them leading with that. Maybe after they see how this device is received. Going from something the size of the 4’s and 5’s to a “phablet” could be too much for a lot of people.

Waterproof or water resistant? I think that’s a safe bet. It’s a sticking point for a lot of people, and there are quite a few manufacturers going that route. I’ve never dropped my phone in a toilet, but I have had it out in the rain and gotten wet from a spilled drink because I had it on a table. Something that would shake off maybe a sprinkle as opposed to a soaking isn’t outside the realm of probability.

Other things like a new version of iOS, improved camera, better screen, and better processor are a no-brainer. There’s also rumors and pictures of new health and fitness focused applications, so the rumors of an i-device that you can wear (let’s just assume it’s going to fit on your wrist) isn’t out of the question. Rumors of an iWatch or similar device have been floating around for a while now, especially with the news that Nike (which was a big partner with Apple with their Fuelband) has bowed out of the wearables business. I think if they don’t do something soon, they’re going to lose out. But the BIG question is what the next iPhone is going to look like.

Again, until it’s officially announced, anything you find on the Internet can be nothing more than fanboys with access to Photoshop. But over the last few years it seems as though Apple in particular has sprung a rather large leak, and photos of everything from AutoCAD images to “working prototypes” have sprung up. No one knows if any of these “leaks” are legit, but enough sites have put together pages dedicated to all the leaks and renders floating around out there. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ll just link you to Macrumors iPhone 6 rumor roundup page. If all the renders stand up, I’m bracing myself for the “we’ve made it the perfect size” and “other phones are just too large and cumbersome” routine. But if there’s anything Apple does is make nice hardware. And if these are anywhere near accurate, they’ve been pretty smart about making a larger phone, and did things like moving the power button to the side, making it easier to manage considering the size increase of the phone. Not too “innovative”, but the new design is definitely keeping in parity with their competition, which is just as important.

Time-wise, I think we’re looking at the same timeframe as before, but of course it’s up to Apple to decide when to release it. If they stay the course, we’re looking at September. Plenty of time to save your pennies. Rumors or no, there are two things I can guarantee: there will be a new iPhone this year, and they’re going to sell millions of them …


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