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Frederick (“Freddy”) Cloud has had a passion for all things electronic since he “accidently” caused the class Commodore PET to malfunction in 8th grade. “I swear. I didn’t do it on purpose” He was quoted as saying to a very unhappy computer teacher... Read his full bio

Hello World!

hello_world_in_many_coding_languages_t_shirt-r9149f3d6efdf4a838470e323c1b09c07_va6lr_512I’d like to dedicate this blog/website/Internet presence to my mothers, both biological and legal, because inadvertently, they are the inspiration for its creation. Bear with me … every post won’t be this long …

My mother (biological) isn’t the most tech-savvy person in the world. And if you ask her, her response will be that she doesn’t need to be, because she has me. She is less concerned about the latest technology, and more concerned about its specific uses, i.e. if she’s able to play her games on it. She doesn’t want to know how much faster the processor is, or if it has radios for 802.11 (insert alphabet here), and she’ll tell you not to bother explaining it to her because she won’t understand it.  So making sure whatever she has is up to date falls upon me, whether it’s her phone, her Mac, whatever, it’s my job (from Chicago while she lives in Vegas) to make sure it’s what she needs to play her games. Oh, and to Skype, since she’s recently discovered that as well. Email and text messages are optional, but hey, if she can do that too, bonus.

My other mother (legal) is more conscience of technology and what it can do, but not concerned about having the latest and greatest unless there will be a measurable improvement to her life over what she uses currently. So it’s my job to explain to her why we need to purchase OS-next for her Mac or why giving her my old phone when I upgrade (because I do that a LOT) will be good for her.

So since it’s what I do for them (and quite a few other people), and to be honest, it’s about something I love to research and be somewhat knowledgeable about, why not make a blog/website/Internet presence that is MY views and opinions on what’s going on in the gadget-verse presented in a way that anyone can read and understand. You don’t have to agree with my view … heck you don’t even have to read it. But I like to think I’m somewhat knowledgeable on the subject. And if anything I’m entertaining, so you’ll not only get an opinion on something that you heard about on the news, but in a way so that you’ll understand and may get a chuckle.

So to my mom, my other mother, my friends and family, and anyone else we pick up along the way … this blog/website/Internet presence is for you. I’ll keep the geek-speak to a minimum, or at least put it in its own section that you can skip. And it’s also my personal brain-dump, so you’ll have to excuse me if I rant about how the last Batman movie left me somewhat disappointed. It is my site, after all. I do what I want =). Talk to you soon …

(OH! “Hello World” is usually the first thing they teach you how to display on the screen when you learn to program. Exciting … I know …)

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