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April showers bring May flowers … and Mothers Day

It’s May. And other than it bringing “May Flowers” (look it up), the month of May means one thing … Mother’s Day.

Being the veteran of Mothers Days that I am, I’ve already made my purchases, set up my emails and reminders, etc. I don’t want to get caught up in the last minute rush to the local store for cheap roses and not so sentimental Hallmark cards. But in doing so, I began to think about all the typical things that we get our mothers and wives for this day that’s all about them. Yeah, roses and chocolate and brunches are cool, but it’s rather … cliché. How about we bring the moms in our lives something that will last longer than a few hours or days? And maybe something that she’ll be able to get some additional benefits from other than being able to say “Look what my baby got me for Mother’s Day”. Lemme give you some ideas …

Let’s start simple: does your mother have a cellphone? And if she does, how old is it? Look, flip phones are nice and all, but if mom is bugging you about looking up something on Facebook for her when you’re together, I think it’s time to move her up. A smartphone can be a bit intimidating at first, but once she sees she can check out the babies pictures you have on Instagram and play Spades (yes, there’s an app for that), she’ll be sold. Both Apple and Android are good choices; iPhones are very straight forward, and if you think Android is a bit intimidating, certain Samsung phones have something called “Easy Mode” that scales down all the widgets and noise and puts the bare necessities on the home screen for easy access. Of course, there are other Android phones out there, but regardless of what phone you choose you’re going to have to take some time and sit with her to help her learn how to use it, but considering everything she’s done for you, isn’t that a small price to pay? Consider it quality time.

Does she like to read? Amazon’s Kindle lineup is a must have. The Paperwhite is light, you can read it in the dark, and there are more than enough cases and accessories for it, you can personalize it to your (or her) hearts content. I have a tablet AND a Kindle. The battery on the Kindle lasts for weeks without having to recharge it. It’s the perfect traveling companion for a reader.

Wanna get her a tablet? Sure you do. The Paperwhite is a great reader, not so much for the web surfing and Candy Crushing. Fortunately, Amazon has you covered there as well with their Kindle Fire lineup. Not sold on Amazon? No problem … you want Apples or Androids? Apple has tablets in small and large sizes, while Android has more tablet choices than I can list, with Samsung leading the charge with options practically in any size you want up to 12 inches.

One final suggestion … how old is her PC? Does the keyboard make that load clickety sound when she types? Does it take 15 minutes to boot up? Can you make dinner before a website loads? She may not realize that she needs a new computer until she actually has a new computer and see what’s she’s been missing. But you know if she’s over there surfing like she’s using a 2800 baud modem (again, look it up) that it’s time. I’ll leave that one to you … PC’s and laptops run between $200 up to $4K, so think about what she actually NEEDS before you go spending.

You can still get her the flowers, cards, candy and/or spa day if that’s your thing. I’m sure it’ll mean something to her … until the flowers die. And the candy is done. And the massage is over. You get my drift …

Freddy C.

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