Freddy Cloud

Frederick (“Freddy”) Cloud has had a passion for all things electronic since he “accidently” caused the class Commodore PET to malfunction in 8th grade. “I swear. I didn’t do it on purpose” He was quoted as saying to a very unhappy computer teacher... Read his full bio

Monthly Archives: February 2016

My Adventure using Mobile Payments

I remember when they first announced Google Wallet. I thought the idea of being able to pay with your phone (you know, like a lot of the world has been doing forever) was going to be all kinds of awesome. It wasn’t. The issue was that I didn’t have a phone that had a NFCContinue Reading

So … You got a new 4K/UHD TV?

With the Super Bowl not too far away, deals on televisions are everywhere. And more than likely, despite my urging for you to do otherwise, if you got something big you probably went with a 4K/UHD television. OK, part of me can’t blame you. I mean it’s not like the 3-D thing which was notContinue Reading